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    Ok so I was working on my GED and and avast popped up and said a trojen had been detected. But when I tried to delete it, it said access denied. So i tried deleteing it, it worked or so I though.

    Next, death metal started playing and it would not stop. I just unpluged my pc, and my router. When I turned on my router (comtrend wireless ADSL2+Router) the internet like lit up red and stayed that way for about 60sec the started blinking red, then green like it should.

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    The router is not related to the PC issue you described, it may be a separate issue but its not something you can really help.

    As for the virus, avast is good at keeping bad things out. But not always the best at removal. is a fantastic malware removal tool that saved my computer from needing to be reformatted.

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    My DSL router does the same thing at times, however it's not a trojan.

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    So I found out what is going on. One of my old friends who I don't get a long with at ll now, is hacking my network (she is real good at this). I got the Trojan off my computer but there is no telling what all has been done. She was remotely viewing my moms laptop.

    I talked to my isp and they are now monitoring all incoming traffic on my network.

    I was told to get a firewall, i dont know much about them. But here is one I found

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    Just stay offline until the situation blows over, or... if you have evidence it's her fill a lawsuit.

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    That the thing I cant just stay off line I have my computer shop to run. I am working on tracing it back to her

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