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Thread: I dont think Ive ever felt so humiliated

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    Don't feel embarrassed, embrace it. The more you embrace it and not let other people get you down the better you'll feel and be more confident. Also yes, wear dark colours like black. People honestly won't care if you're wearing a diaper as well, they won't look and if they did they wouldn't think about that or ask.

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    Here is an exercise to increase your confidence in wearing nappies outside:

    1) Go to a cafe, order a coffee and something to eat, and go sit where you can see people walking around outside.

    2) Observe them doing their things. Can you detect anyone actively looking for a nappy-clad wearer? Can you detect anyone wearing a nappy?

    3) Listen to the background noise. Do you think that anyone would detect a faint crinkle over the background noise?

    4) Now observe what clothes people are wearing, and imagine them wearing a nappy underneath. Would it show, or would it be hidden?

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