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Thread: Fiancés way of showing acceptance

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    We kinda of do the same things with our communication, I get little clues or hints dropped when it’s ok to be padded and when nows not the best time. We also had a few conversations of ground rules which we both respect.
    Sometimes when I think wearing is out, I’ll come home and find a diaper on the bed, when that occurs she’s telling me it’s ok to be diapered. (She leaves later for work than I do, and I come home earlier)
    As far as the messing thing, I personally don’t like doing it when I’m away from the house, usually when I do go, it’s first thing in the morning and she’s still sleeping so it’s fine because I do all the clean up, on the weekends I’ll get the green light to go when she asks how her baby is doing then does a sniff or pat test.
    Again I can’t stress it enough, communication is key, we went 2 weekends ago to a whisky tasting event, stayed at a bed and breakfast, she packed the diaper bag and my onesies, so she was giving me the “green light” last weekend we did stuff she wanted to do (shopping) and I didn’t wear at all, I was the man last weekend, wined and dined her, and that’s how it goes for us, always give and take.

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    You nailed it. A two way street without a doubt; ground rules, communication and treating my wife like gold is what really makes this all work.

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    cannaboy88 & pampers4U, Thanks for sharing it has been great to hear other couples experiences and has given me the inspiration to try and work on communication between me and my wife. Being married and being AB/DL is no easy task for either party involved. Thanks

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    It is no easy task, my fiancé have been together for a very long time, our relationship has been strained in many areas not just the one that involves my desire to wear. We have been on the cusp many times of going our separate ways. While I could not be happier where we find ourselves in my relationship I caution you to tred slowly and do not pressure her to hard in regards to what you want. Remember her feelings and respect her boundaries I wish you all the luck in the world and feel free to reach out whenever our want!!

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