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    For those that have gotten or worn Little Pawz recently (abuniverse diaper for those uninitiated)... Last year I bought a whole case of Little Pawz, and just recently I bought another package of 10. However upon arrival (unscented like the others) opening the diapers smelled so much of oil or petroleum that I couldn't breathe right and was to scared mostly on putting them on as I have a strong history of UTIs . I am experienced with some diapers having new smell but this was... unusual.

    I considered giving Caleb a call on it and questioning if this is normal or not perhaps for they're new update (as they updated the diapers) but I wanted to ask here first. Please help! It got so bad I couldnt store them with my other diapers, and any repeat occurances may sadly force me to change my favorite diaper...

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    Nope haven’t experienced that but since ABU are so awesome I would be contacting them.
    Can I suggest you put them in an non scented bin bag and tie it up to protect you from the smell and keep it real for the peeps at ABU to experience?

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    I can do that. They always been nice to me, and I don't like starting scenes to much. More than likely it was just a fresher ink batch I am guessing. (Abu is so kind they even STILL got my order on time before during severe flooding and violent storms and got my diapers to me. I had to wade in the water and be handed my case covered in plastic. That is derivation both to Abu and they're shipping Carrier.

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    Derivation. Not derivation.

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    Detication. Omg autocorrect why

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