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Thread: Pull ups vs diapers for bowel incontinence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayhem View Post
    Pull-ups are garbage. Cloth backed diapers are mostly worthless as well. A good plastic backed diaper would be far better than either of those two. Dry 24/7 and betterdry/crinklz are amazing and perform well.
    Adult "Pull-Ups" are totally useless for bowel incontinence.
    The result, "shit everywhere", the Pull-Up, and all over the inside of my pants.

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    I feel your pain. I suffered with severe ulcerative colitis for years and towards the end before i had my bowel removed I was experiencing full bowel voiding. I had predicted this as I was coming off steroids ready for healing post op. I found wearing nappies gave me the confidence to leave the house (along with bowel paralysing codine).
    By mid afternoon, the combination of a fuller bowel and the codine wearing off would give me the 1 minute warning or less to find the toilet. No good if you are driving or mid conversation in the chemist as happened once.

    I had taken to use up my old style Attends medium (M printed all over) and they held a full liquid bowel movement quite a few times. It was the best decision i made, I could have had quite a few very messy accidents otherwise.

    I did try pull ups when camping and the toilet block was a 3-4 minute walk down hill away from our pitch. They leaked, I bought them whilst down there in Cornwall from Morissons as an emergency measure not realising that i needed them.

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    I have found the Betterdry or Crinklz printed version diapers work great for containing bowel accidents as I wear them 24/7 and have experienced unexpected bowel movments while out and about and had no issues.

    I have lost a bit more of my bladder control since switching to full time taped diapers but it really dosent matter as my bladder issue would have gotten worse over time any ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110 View Post
    I have found the Betterdry or Crinklz printed version diapers work great for containing bowel accidents
    yep betterdry/crinklz leak guards can't be beat. They're super-tall, positioned well, and have good elastic. If I was bowel IC that's probably all I'd wear.

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