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Thread: Pull-Ups at the Gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenwen View Post
    Just put on some longer T-shirt or something... If it is long enough to cover your bottom, it should still hide the waistband, even if it rides up slightly. Alternatively, you could wear some shorts or sweatpants with a high waistband, but there is a higher risk then...
    Okay. I'll try it with a Tanktop

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    I use the mens guards in my shorts (that have the internal supporter) when I used the community gym. I never attempted to wet them at the gym but did so afterwards, it's amazing how well those work (though probably unreliable).

    I've got a home gym now so I can work out in whatever I want (usually a diaper and leotard).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drynites96 View Post
    Okay. My only concern is that the waistband of them could show...
    Wear them under regular boxers and you should be fine. That way you could even go shirtless, just make sure the waistband on the boxers is tight and tall enough.

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    Sometimes I will wear pull ups at the gym because diapers are too visible in gymwear. Iíve never used them though

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    I wear goodnites to the gym. Never had a problem

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