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Thread: Tips for overnight wearing

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    Try a few samples of Betterdry diapers or Crinklz printed version they work great for me (side sleeper) and when on my back as they absorb quickly

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    Okay letís go for round two tonight, I folded over the top front of the waist. I wear the Abena M4 but I havenít tried anything else. Is anyone a fan of the Tena slip Iíve heard good stuff about it

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    In my opinion Tena is roughly the same as Abena for capacity and reliability. In other words, not that great.

    I would recommend you try Confidry, Northshore supreme, PeekABU, or Betterdry/Crinklz (my favorite)

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    I abandoned Abena for Northshore ,much better diaper ,i do still have an ancient case in the closet though!

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