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Thread: Dont you hate how everything gets a remake?

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    Default Dont you hate how everything gets a remake?

    Apparently all the movie producers have ran out of ideas, or so it seems because of how many remakes there are, I mean these days they are remaking everything and I think that 1. They need to slow down, if something does get a remake it should be a good one or not at all, and 2. Not everything needs a remake, but that is just the movie industry being lazy by reusing the same ideas 2 or 3 times with a slightly different plot and different actors each time.

    Worse yet is that sometimes it feels like every remake is continually getting worse, look at Spider Man, 1st 3 movies were fantastic (though I know some people would argue about the 3rd one in the original trilogy), then the 2 after that were not quite as good (the 1st remake was a lot better than the remake of the 2nd one, which feels like it suffered from trying to do too much in too short a time), and then there was the great Homecoming, which was actually surprisingly good, though I didn't quite get a lot of things in it.

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    I think many remakes are motivated by new cinematic technologies that weren't available when the original debuted. They aren't always worse, but I think oftentimes the other aspects of film-making tend to be overlooked. My favorite version of The Thing is from the 1980's, and is a remake. The original was so dated as to be gaudy. It was remade again in 2011Ö rather needlessly that time. ^^;

    I also enjoyed the first part of the remake of It.

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    I totally agree. Although I don't watch movies, I'm a lifetime anime fan and there it's almost the same. Many titles get remakes, lots get sequels, when there is no need for them and most studios continue using the ideas they had 10, 20 years ago. And that's while the producers, creators of those studios are still alive... What's going to happen when they leave us for good?..

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    Definitely agree, especially if the film being remade is an all-time classic that had no right being renovated or updated for todays audiences in any way.

    The most recent terrible remake that I can think of was the remake of Ben-Hur. The original 1959 film with Charlton Heston was outstanding both for its time and now, it managed to pump character and depth into what was basically a standard biblical action epic. The remake felt like a watered down Gladiator with its overacting and its emphasis on special effects and drawn out, poorly handled spectacle. That remake of The Magnificent Seven also irked me and let's not forget, great as the original Magnificent Seven was, it too was a remake of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, but at least the original Magnificent Seven took major liberties with the source material and became its own thing. Bottomline, don't remake a classic, are they gonna remake Casablanca or The Silence of the Lambs? I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

    I think it speaks of the lack of ideas circling around Hollywood right now when they need to remake established classics because they can't think of any new, potential classics. Don't even get me started on Disney's trend of desecrating the company and Walt's own legacy by making live action remakes of the animated standards. It also doesn't help that for the average viewer, these remakes supersede the originals, they black them out, most people will think that the crappy remake is the be all and end all of that film and that idea without exploring or digging deeper.

    Bottom line, Hollywood is definitely running low on ideas, but I feel the audience should come under fire too, they should expect more and be smart enough to avoid remakes. Every time a remake comes out, it's top 10 at box office. With audiences flocking to remakes in droves like that, putting millions into the pockets of the people who half-assedly churned out these abominations, what incentive does Hollywood have to knock it off and look for something original.

    This is one of the many reasons why I turn to Netflix and Amazon for both films and TV now, at least they are interested in original works and not pre-established properties being remade miserably.

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    The BEST reboot I've seen is the Battlestar Galacta do over.💝👍💝👌
    The worst reboot was the Jar Jar Abrams Star Trek 👎😔 sad.

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    Donít even mention the reboot of knightrider... I am also waiting for the bad restarts of The A Team and Airwolf.

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    It can get a little tiresome but occasionally produces interesting results. The main problem is that it's an economic decision, so things that didn't do well the first time are less likely to get the treatment and possibly improve (Battlestar Galactica, for instance) than something that made a gajillion dollars already. I can easily think of several movies from great source material that didn't work out but they're probably pretty low on the list because they'd be considered risky.

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