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Thread: What do you think about hypnosis?

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    Default What do you think about hypnosis?

    Hi, what do you think about wet yourself hypnosis?

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    It seems more fun as a fantasy than reality. In reality, canned hypnosis has no effect on me. I'm not that interested in incontinence under any circumstances, so the appeal of that one kind is even more limited for me.

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    i like it as a fantasy as well. i like to hear the talking so its easier to dream about.

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    I think for some people it can work but for most people, it probably doesn't.

    I think that you really, deep-down, want it for hypnosis to have any effect.

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    Good hypnosis can change behavior by creating an inner conflict or discussion. It can't make you do something you don't want to do.

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    It worked for me. �� I haven't been able to make it to the bathroom before wetting myself, for almost three months now. I know the ops don't like us talking about inducing incontinence in hear, and it may only be that I was such an "inthuseastic partisapent?" But for me... The MP3 files I found on YouTube worked. And did so in under a month ��
    I'm now completely balder incontinent and diaper dependent. I even wear them to work under my scrubs now and change in the employee's restroom.
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    I have some recordings, they are very relaxing but like everybody says, unless it is something that you "really" want...

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    I have personally used such, and for quite a long time (2 years including one if those years almost every night) I will let you in on a bit if truth on it. The secret to good hypnosis training is play along. As you do so you gain habits and reminders of those habits. There is NO file out there no matter what they claim of "you will instantly and forever be incontinent. " With no work whatsoever put in it. I used free files, I used paid files. I used tts, I used human voice male and female.

    The best way to go about it is to try a few and see what is best for you both in relaxation and morals. So my opinion of it is that a lot of it these days are rushed and flashing a lot of pictures with a text to speech or is very rushed or demanding... I just prefer the soft and gentle motherly kind that doesn't make you feel so..what's the it's an order. Or a mistake.

    Habits make us. And hypnosis has the power to change habits if your choice. (For example a smiling hypnosis the guy I was listening to was actually funny..)

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    I doubtful as to it's ability to do what it's intended. I wrote a story about a couple using hypnosis tapes on each other, "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminski and it's on page 2 or our story forum if you're interested. It certainly worked for them!

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    It depends on the individual. Some people are very suggestible. Others, not so much. I have Asperger's and, supposedly, people on the autism spectrum are nearly impossible to hypnotize. So far I've proven immune to all attempts, and I've tried many. Autism seems to be somewhat over-represented in the ABDL community, as well, so a lot more people are probably going to say it doesn't work than if you sampled a larger group.

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