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Thread: Hi I Am New To This Site.

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    Smile Hi I Am New To This Site.

    Hey every one, I am a DL and AB I already know alot of stuff about AB & DL.
    Right now I am wearing my favorite type of diapers which is Huggies Goodnights.
    I always get the girl ones because the cashiers never assume there for me and since I have got such a small waist size for my age I fit in to the smallest size which I think is 40-76 lbs. I love the warm comforting feeling when peeing or the warm squishy feeling of pooing in my diaper. One day I was shocked to find that my mom found some diapers when I came home from school the next day she told me I could do what ever I want with them as long as my mom does not have to pay and has no involvement whats so ever. Yeah so that's my current situation, Also I wear them to school & nobody ever seems to notice or bully me which is good. So that's my story,So far.

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC.

    That's some story you've got there. If I may ask, just out of curiosity, how old are you?

    Or at least: What school classification are you in? (Elementary, Middle, High, etc.) Just to get a feel of the level of school you're going to.

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    14 - Grade 7 (got held back once)

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    So you're in middle school. Wow! It's great that no one seems to notice anything. ^_^

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    Detailed post... I have to tell you though, bodily functions posts in greetings threads are not forbidden, but can turn off a lot of members, and even get some criticism...

    Here's an idea: do you have a particular interest you like to discuss? Gaming? TV shows?
    What are your hobbies? If I can I will try to point you towards the people or posts that share your interests. If you tell us some more about yourself: not personal info but what you like to do or discuss or enjoy...

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    Without repeating what Raccoon said (too much), your personality comes across a lot more when you talk about you, rather than just your experience as an AB or DL or whatever. Sure, we all like to share our experiences - there are thousands of threads full of that sorta stuff... but yeah, perhaps you could tell us about who you are outside of the AB/DL part? It's more a plus for meeting new people with the same interests than anything else - people you can get to know and converse with about whatever it is that interests you... whether it be your taste in music, or whatever sport(s) your into.

    It's all good!

    (Gee, that was lengthy... sorry!)

    Either way, I hope you enjoy posting on ADISC =]


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    Well outside of my Ab/DL fantasy I am a A/B average student in school & am slightly popular just to the point that I can hang out with the "cool kids" My school is very prestige not in the way that you have to be rich and pay to go, But that it's in the top ten best school districts in the whole USA. I started my own club about my favorite hobby/board game Axis&Allies. I have 26 current members & about 20 show up every session/game period. I am also not embarrassed about anything I even sang on Americas Got Talent but was eliminated in the 4 round that was 2 years ago though. Thus making it easier when buying diaper or baby products of the sort. I am on the town soccer team & basket ball and go to town to town playing games. I have a girl friend, She knows about my desires and says love can come in any form size shape. Shes really nice pretty and understanding. Recently she has been trying on diapers with me and says how comfy they were. Life for me is really good basically and hope it stays this way

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    Ah, you are an evangelist and busy converting the great un-padded. Happy to hear of your success. I had a couple of ex-gf's who were accepting but didn't want to participate, so good for you.

    Yes, 100 years ago I was right into Avalon Hill, Third Reich, Waterloo, Richtoffen's war, even a bit of Risk or Kriegspeil... and non D&D fantasy role-playing including 2 live games, Dreamquest, and Sunfall

    Slashdot Comments | What You Can't Say Hee Hee, one year I won "Best Necromancer"

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    Hi mr. goodnite.

    Awww man you've got to be kidding me! When my mom found my goodnites she completly flipped off her rocker. I could literaly see the poor chair rolling through the air and punching out the side of the house... But anyway, i have to congratulate you on your luck!

    ps. you say you're fourteen? well, i think you might want to use 'Tb' instead of 'Ab'...your call, but it's the "standard" practice :P

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    OK, Thanks for the info Little Tyler.

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