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Thread: Question about a diaper:

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    So the back story;

    I went and bought 192 diapers off craigslist for $40

    They were advertised as being TENA, but looking at them I dought it....

    Here is the website that she had ordered them off of;

    Ideal Brands, High quality Incontinence products, comfortable and dependable to improve quality of life

    So does anyone know anything about this site or what type of diapers these are.

    They are white, and have two yellow lines down the middle, I'll post pictures later

    Yes yes double post;

    The diaper has two tapes, it has a big blue spot on the inside of the diaper, and three small yellow lines going down the front of the diaper.

    I still have interest in knowing what it is....
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    192 diapers for $40 bucks?! Man, that's a steal!

    I have seen that brand before, but I have never tried them. I haven't heard much about them, but I think most of the products that they sell have to do with assisting the elderly and some of their "health" issues.

    How are they? Are they good diapers in your opinion?

    - Asher

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    They sound like CVS, Walgreens and Wallmart's Assurances. If so they cost $0.50 or so ea., so thats a good deal. There a decent diaper, not top of the line but what I wear most of the time. At 21 cents each I'd buy em.

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    Thats what I said, cheep diapers!

    I don't even care if they are depends! XD

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    I couldn't find a single picture of the diaper on that site. That, itself, would be reason enough to not buy from them. I'm a visual person, and I want to see what I buy, especially when it comes to diapers. If I was incontinent, I would want to make pretty sure what that is that is supposed to become my underwear every day and is supposed to protect me from the embarrassment of wet pants in public!

    If you can, take a picture of the diaper once it arrives.

    The price seems good, but more often than not, you get what you pay for..i.e., cheap price = crap product (pardon the pun).


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    Ohhh I didnt buy from that site.

    I purchased them from some lady on craigslist.

    Once I get my camera back I'll post a a picture.

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    That site looks like they sell medical quality products. I wouldn't order from them... but if you like them and you got a good deal I guess that is all that matters.

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    These are most likely private label diapers made by a generic diaper manufacturer.

    There are companies that make many different brands of diapers, they usually offer an off the line predesigned product in your brand name packaging, or a custom designed product with your specifications.

    The diapers you purchased will most likely be the same as a different brand, same factory, different package.

    Post a pic of the product in question, inquiring minds need to see it.

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    Thinking that these are going to be much along the lines of the Secure/Bambino comparison eh?

    Secure makes the main-line product. Bambino is made in the same factory with premium features for a niche market.

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    OP, congrats... You got gub'mint diapers.

    If you're on state funded disability and have a taxpayer-paid "prescription" for diapers, this is one of the available brands. I haven't seen this one in particular, but most are made by 2-3 different manufacturers... And they're all pretty crappy, but 192 for $40? Why not.

    Please do take a pic for us when you can, but in the meantime... What kind of diaper is it? Contoured or flat-fold (like the really old 70's baby diapers)? How many tapes per side?

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