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Thread: cats vs rabbits

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    I had a Cat adopt me. Not the other way around. He comes in walk in the door and lays down like he owns the place.

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    If you get a rabbit, you'll need another one to keep it company. Rabbits are social creatures and will become depressed if they don't have other rabbits around them.

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    But...there are plenty of bunnies behaving badly, too.

    This guy is SUPER NAUGHTY!

    You can have a single rabbit, but you have to spend LOADS of time with them in that case so they don't feel lonely. (But even then they might be lonely for another bunny friend.) Thanks, I forgot about that because I always have multiples anyway. XD If you get two, make sure they're both the same gender or a neutered male and a female. Or you will soon be buried in bunnies. Most animals are actually like this, though. (I think...hamsters are some of the few that aren't terribly social with each other. I did have two guinea pigs but one unfortunately passed away, but the one I do have is right at the end of my bed and sees me all the time. And I tell him he's a stinky fuzz-nugget all the time and he tells me to mind my own business 'cause I'm a wet woozle. XD)

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    I already knew this is an awesome forum, but sometimes I am still surprised by the variety of topics, like an in depth discussion about pet rabbits. A very small sized hamster is all I can manage but still a very interesting read...

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