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Thread: Babyfur Species

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    I’m a snow leopard fox hybrid but I don’t consider that my diaper fur sona. It would have to be a tiger or fox probably.

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    I'm a kitsu, but I can shapeshift <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleSnep View Post
    Your sona is adorable, irnub!
    Thanks! Though most of the credit for his looks should go to the really awesome artists who drew him. I've got a bunch more in a folder on FA:

    If you're ever interested in getting some cub art, toss me a note on FA or a PM here and I can recommend some artists to you.

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    Correction...A Caitian Cub.
    Caitians are a Felinoid Species in the Star Trek Universe.

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    I am a doggie. Though my sonas floppy ears makes her mistaken as a rabbit.

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