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Thread: Northern ABDL.s - Are you from Finland or from other nordic countries?

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    Default Northern ABDL.s - Are you from Finland or from other nordic countries?

    When I started to explore this side of myself I was so sure there wouldn't be so many people like me who would live in Finland, specially in my town. It always surprises me when i see someone writing that they are from Finland so i was just wondering how many of us are here? Or from other nordic countries? How have you find it in your home country to be ABDL or to find same minded company? Is the community bigger, lets say for example, in Sweden? I know this page for scandinavian abdl.s but it's mainly in swedish(?) and as my swedish is bit poor, i never understood anything. Just curious so decided to ask, lol :P

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    Well, here in Denmark we have somewhat of an ageplay scene, but i feel like it is quite dead, to say the least. Theres an online forum, with maybe 5 posts a week? Pretty dull. And then there's a munch going on once a month in our capital. Ive also been on abdlscandinavia for a short period of time, but i quickly became bored. For now i am happy by being here on Adisc. Lot more people, and a lot more mature topics to discuss (which i personally value more than talking diapers and ageplay).

    Are there really no platform or forum in finland where you can communicate with each other?

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