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Thread: Has anyone used a sheath catheter before

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    Been there done that, and never again. In the early stages of my incontinence I looked every where for remedies to cope with a leaking bladder. One of them was a sheath cath. The hose kinked, and urine went into the cath dissolving the adhesive, the cath falled out, and I completely soaked my trousers......
    I went with diapers after, and never looked back. True you need to plan ahead, and yes sometimes that means wearing a thick diaper that can last for several hours. But honestly, diapers almost never fails.

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    I think they are very comfortable. The bag takes a little getting used too.

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    I have used the conveen optima during the day and find them great . (feel free to message if you have any questions

    I'd you fancy giving them a try the company off sample packs that have various sizes of catheter and leg bags

    Best of luck finding a solution you are happy with

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    I've used condom catheters before and they work great, but you have to do a few things. Make sure you size them correctly, if you're in between 2 sizes then go with the smaller one ans they stretch. Also get the ones with adesive on them as they stay in place better. Lastly make sure you get a leg bag holder/cover. They are a reusable fabric pouch fitted to your model of legbag that hides the urine within and replaces the stock straps that come with your legbag because they suck.
    If you follow all of those directions you should have a pleasant experience with condom catheters. I've used them many times before and have never had problems with leakage or pain.
    They also have the benefit of being cheaper that diapers. You can get good coloplast condom catheters for as little as 70 cents and you only have to replace your legbag once a week or so.
    My leg bags cost me $6.50 each and the condom catheters cost around 70 cents. The leg bag cover can cost around $40 from etsy. If you only replace the condom catheter every 24 hours and use one leg bag for a week, then your cost per day comes to $1.62.

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    I tried this incontinence management option, but I did not like the tactile sensation of the rubber thing adhered to my male body part.

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    I should add that I am at university, and find that the conveen system doesn't stop me doing anything a typical student would do (I'm even an active member of the climbing club!)

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    Once the end of the sheath or the tube gets kinked and you don't know it, the next time you release result in "blow off". Huge embarrassing wet spot. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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    when my incontinence started, I tried these catheters. had a few epic failures, where the cath fell off during urination, needless to say, that was the end of it because of VERY wet pants in public. After that it was diapers, yes with diapers I also experience leaks, but not as often of severe.

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    I tried those once and never tried them again. Sad part is I was so excited to try them and ended up leaking everywhere.Embarrassing. Never again.

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