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    So first off I've never been on a date or had sex, never felt the need to seeing as how I'm happy by myself. But I have been talking to a girl I met online (not from here) and we found out we live close to each other so she asked me out and I said yes. Here's the thing should I tell her that I've never been on a date and/or had sex or not? If so when? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    I wouldn't lead with that. Just talk to her. You'll probably talk about interests to see if you enjoy some of the same things. Maybe you've already done that since you are on-line friends. I don't see a problem with saying you haven't dated much, or at all. She'll probably ask why, so you might want to think about the answer. There are plenty of people who have waited until a little later in life to date. Not everyone is comfortable with other people. I think she'll understand.

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    As Dogboy has said, you should never lead with your inexperience, it makes for a weird and or desperate first impression.

    I never dated anyone throughout high school and yet when I started dating in my first year of Uni, I never felt that my nonexistent dating experience mattered. If the girl I was dating or going steady with decided to tell me about her prior relationships, I would do the same and would inform her of the fact that I hadn't really dated anyone before. Usually this stuff comes up weeks if not months into a relationship anyway, so it's nothing to worry about right off the bat.

    With regards to sex, I was a virgin until I was 21, and I have only had sex a handful of times, it's always a different experience and completely dependent on your partner and once again, it isn't something that is traditionally brought up on the first date. If she brings up her past sexual escapades/experiences, then you can chime in and let her know that it's something you've never participated in. My girlfriends have never been anything but understanding regarding my relative disinterest in sex, a lot of women don't want sex all the time, many just want a nice romantic connection with someone, something that's deeper than just physical gratification. As long as you are honest when this is brought up, your partner will understand.

    I think these questions will likely come up if you date her for a while and if they come up, simply answer them truthfully, she'll most definitely understand. Until that time comes, just enjoy getting to know this person and enjoy dating for the first time, don't sweat the small stuff and really, these questions are in fact quite small in the grand scheme of what it is to properly court and get to know someone

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    You don't have to tell that on your first meeting. You can tell that when you two are officially in a relationship already.

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    It's not something to start a date with, but from my point of view, I think it's worth mentioning. At least, personally I would automatically trust a person a bit more, if he told me such thing, as I myself don't have any experience...
    Also, I think there are people, who find this "cute". Not sure why, though...

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