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Thread: Facebook question on “friend request” timing

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    Default Facebook question on “friend request” timing

    Hi peeps,

    So etiquette or what not.... If you have friend requested someone and you have seen their posts (on various topics) since your FR and they haven’t pressed the accept button how long would you give them before canceling the request?

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    A month at the most. You can look at their home page and see when they last visited the site so if you made a FR today, then they visit the site tomorrow and a few more days and still haven't accepted, then I would assume they are not interested. I have only had one case like this. We're a friendly bunch!

    I did have a FR take about a week. I don't think she knew me too well. I also have friends who haven't been to ADISC in months. I usually give them 6 to 8 months before I unfriend them, thinking they have moved on.

    Oh Facebook! I thought you meant here. oops! I usually give them a couple of months. Sometimes I forget I sent a request.
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    I just friend most anyone who asks. :3 If they turn out to be a creeper or something, I just remove them later on.

    If I did it the other way, I'd never add anybody at all because I'm mostly too reserved to ask!

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    So I got accepted into their moderated group which I sent at the same time (or whatever you call it) by the same people but the FR request wasn’t actioned still 48 hours later.

    Was kinda miffed as I thought we were going to continue a face to face conversation via messenger.

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