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Thread: Scalie curiosity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    It’s an old term in Australia for some scab labourers. To the best of my knowledge it is out of vogue now as a word.

    Actually it is also used for weigh bridge workers in some parts of Australia so you may just get a confused face reaction depending on the persons age and if they have ever worked in transportation.
    interesting! I was very very worried it had ties with racism.

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    Ah, well, that's not TOO terrible. LOL Thought maybe it would be a racially charged term like saying someone was 'nappy-headed' or 'ashy'. (That they have tangled or curly, coarse hair or they need moisturizer for their skin.)

    Makes sense as a nickname for those guys working with weighing freight...they man the scales, therefore 'scalies'. XD

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    basically scallies identify as dragons, dinosaurs, reptiles or amphibians (and a few fish, usually sharks)

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    Scalies are people in the furry fandom that are usually reptiles or amphibians, so not really "fluffy" I should say. But yes, you can be a dragon or any other reptile or amphibian you want to be (I think salamanders are cute!). I don't really think everyone in the furry fandom needs to wear a suit in order to be in it. I've heard that some furries just wear ears, tails, paws, wings, etc. to express their fursona so they don't have to pay so much for a suit. I think maybe those one pajama onesies that are for teens and adults would be a good substitute for a fursuit, since you can be your sona and don't have to worry about getting too hot/overheated. But I think many babyfurs have used those before, if I am correct. But do what you want to do, you can have more than just one sona too.

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    Absolutely no one 'needs' to wear a suit. You can be 'in' just from saying "I LIKE THIS!"

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    I am a “boots’n’all” kinda person with things when I decide on something but also a massive procrastinator about starting anything.

    I had been wondering if secondlife was a place to “try out” being a Scalie (AB, Little and other things too) but can’t find anyone to talk to about Secondlife.

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    I tried SL once, didn't find it all that appealing because I couldn't figure out how to properly do up my avatar character and left because it was annoying and boring.

    And that's the extent of my knowledge of it other than there are people who invest their entire lives into it.

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