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Thread: Some questions after just ordering off bambinos

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    Default Some questions after just ordering off bambinos

    ok so i just sent in a money order to bambinos and i said not to contact me to me house i told them to send it to a local ups store so they can hold it for when I pick it up. i was just wondering if any like billing or information will show up in my mailbox or anything like that cause i dont want that to happen.

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    Probably not. Did you even give them your home address? I do hope you checked with the UPS store first, though, so they know to expect the package (and also, they are all independently owned so it's conceivable that they might not offer package pickup services).

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    well i checked online for the ups store and they are compatible for store shipping and pick up there.

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    Yeah. If your shipping address is the UPS store, then that's the only address anything will be sent to. From personal experience, Bambino sends one package. They don't send a second letter for billing purposes--your receipt will be in the package. The package will be marked "The Bottom Half Group, LLC" I believe. Very plain packaging. They pride themselves on discretion. You'll be fine.

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