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Thread: To make diapers pure (warning! Mentions some gross stuff!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimeBloodedNoir View Post
    To Make Diapers Pure

    Here is my little story. I am online, wanting to look up some pure wholesome ABDL videos! A healthy relationship!
    lets just say- thats not what I got. Instead, I ran into many nsfw posts and videos.
    I dont mind that others do that! Like- they do what they like, and good on them for finding there likes and dislikes!!! But...
    If someone like my lover researches things like ABDLs, I fear that she will think its a fetish for everyone, despite me using it to cope with stress.
    I am starting to realize that the ABDL community is not all just fun and diapers! Even though I am new, I really should have expected that due to the way it is talked about by some peers.
    I want some advice!
    I want to know your opinion!
    Are you wholesome? Or the other?
    What do you think of the other side?
    Are you both?
    What would your tips be for a healthy vanilla ABDL relationship?
    How would you personally bring up the not so vanilla part to a lover?
    How would YOU describe what a vanilla ABDL relationship looks like???
    I completely agree with you on this. A LOT of SD's (Sexual Diaper fetish) confuse their desires with AB and DL. That in turn causes confusion and misinformation when some "vanialla" person tries to look it up and see what abdl is all about.

    The best we can do is keep correcting that misinformation whenever it pops up.

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    I hope this turns out to be a good experience for both of you. It could be a lot of fun.

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