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Thread: Goodnites new site for young adults and teens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic92 View Post
    Which looks even more ridiculous when you realize how much overlap there is between Goodnites and Pull-Ups.
    But goodnights might have a higher margin. and that what bambinod was saying, notice while pullups can fit children up to 5 to 7, they push goodnights for 4 or older, that might say goodnights have a higher margin.

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    wow, i posted this morning , came back from work and saw all the posts.
    well the only reason i posted was because i saw the bottom that said if your teen is to big for goodnites try depends.....
    but what is more humiliating, if your getting depends at 16 thats way more humiliating than goodnites. You could say they for your brother.
    Maybe thats why teens are more likely to get goodnites ( oh it's just for my little)brother/sister.....

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