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Thread: Shipping Times and Costs

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    I (re?)discovered this week that shipping distance is also very important. It cost me twice as much to ship a half a case of diapers to the west coast as it did to ship a full case one state to the north. (from Iowa)

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    I live in NW NJ (East Coast) When I order from abu and they ship from Baltimore I will receive the shipment within 2 days (sometimes next day if ordered early in the day) Same company but they pull stock from Washington State will take exactly 6 days on average.
    When I order from bambino which is located in California they will also take 6-7 days to arrive.
    Northshore from Illinois takes around 3-4 days
    I once ordered from Rearz - Canada and it took 5 days
    I once ordered from Cuddlz in Europe and surprisingly it only took 12 days to get here.

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