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Thread: Have you ever pee yourself without thinking about it.

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    Not since I was a little kid, but i wish...

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    I have found lately that this is happening more and more. I'm not sure why but I think my AB side is taking over, lol.

    My wife knows and excerpts I'm AB and have been all my life. In the last few weeks she has become very ok and open with my AB side. She seems to not mind having a baby around the house and is almost encouraging it. I have had a lot of stress lately, she tells me that when I'm in littlespace I'm happy, sweet, loving and always wanting cuddles. But when I'm not in little space and come home stressed, I through tantrums which she calls my big boy toddler tanties. Then she tells me to stop being silly and go put on my special paints (an SDK diaper).
    With all this exceptanct, and little time and diapers at home I find I'm just being free to be baby me (which I'm very happy).
    But part of this is I am regressing more and more and finding I wet my diaper without thinking.

    So back to the Thread, about a week ago I was finishing work and heading to my car (I don't wear diapers to work due to fear of someone finding out), I needed to go bad but though I can make it home. As I walked I saw a very nice Ford Mustang go by (my fav car) and didn't realise I was starting to wet my pants. I tried to stop and with strength I did stop. I was in shock, it was like I had regressed that very second like a toddler and lost control due to being distraction, just as a toddler might as he passed the TV.
    I got in my car and sat on a spare coat I had in my to protect the seat.
    When I got home my wife saw and said has someone had an accident, looks like we might have to try pullup for work.

    Yes, I have started peeing myself without thinking. I am also considering wearing pullup just in case.

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