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Thread: Need advise on Portable Cribs

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    Default Need advise on Portable Cribs

    Hi Everyone
    First question so I hope I dont sound funny, I'm thinking of getting a travel crib and just wondering if anyone else has one?
    What is a good one to get?

    I would love a really baby crib but I and my wife (my wife now and supports my ab side) where thinking that it could be hard to explain if ever seen. That's why we where thinking of a travel crib as it could be folded away. I understand it would be a snug fit but it would be great to sit in and have little time.

    What's your thoughts?
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    Maybe something inflatable? That'd probably deflate into something small enough to pack into a medium suitcase, and not be very heavy, but would be reasonably large and good looking when inflated?

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    Please take a look at the Joovy Room2, which is available in Australia:

    I have the Joovy; it's huge and superbly made. Mine stays stowed in its case under my bed until my nanny visits.

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    Thanks everyone that sounds great. I looked at both and I'm thinking of getting the Joovy Room2 it looks very roomy.

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    It is that ... roomy! There’s a Joovy promotional photo showing a mommy-type sitting in a Room2 with 2 toddlers.

    I wouldn’t try doing that in the Fisher-Price, no matter how much affinity I have for the brand.

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    I found the photo, it is hugh. Thanks for the heads up. I am going to get one. It has so much space.

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