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Thread: Happy Birthday Poofybutt!!!

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    Default Happy Birthday Poofybutt!!!

    Hey guys! I came to know that today is Poofybutt's birthday!!

    I just want to let him know that in the short time he's been here, his contributions have been immense and we are very lucky to have him here!! He is a great guy who deserves a lot of love and hugs!!

    So, buddy, as you read this, remember that I care a lot about you, and so do many people here!! You're an adorable baby boy!! So enjoy your birthday!! Remember to have fun with friends and family!! And by night, diaper up and be a baby, we know you love that!!

    Enjoy your day!!


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    Happy birthday, poofy! *throws diaper-shaped confetti*

    (Now don't go tryin' to wear those, you crazies. ;D)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    *throws diaper-shaped confetti*
    *reaches for the vacuum cleaner*.... hang on did you cut all these shapes by hand?

    Happy birthday to Poofybutt and I hope their is cake and hugs going around.

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    Wow, thanks for all the Birthday wishes guys, that was nice to see

    I just got back from an evening out with friends and dinner out with my family, so all in all a good Birthday was had. I would diaper up and regress, but I'm staying at my Mom's place for the next 4 weeks while I work a freelance gig down here. When I get back to my apartment though, I'll definitely have myself a belated AB birthday, I'm even thinking of splurging on a few AB items when I get back, gotta use some of my B-Day money and money from my gig on something... after my rent is squared away of course

    Until that time comes, having Birthday dinners out and hanging with family and good friends is super fun as well.

    Seeing all these Birthday wishes from my padded pals at ADISC is a nice gift in and of itself.

    Thanks again guys

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    Happy birthday as well. I'm glad you had a good evening out. Remember, you're only as old as you feel. For many of us, that's about three years old....haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Happy birthday as well. I'm glad you had a good evening out. Remember, you're only as old as you feel. For many of us, that's about three years old....haha.
    OMG such a cool line!! Well, I think I'm about two...

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    Oh! Happy Birthday wishes from here as well! :3 Yea, having a family and other great peeps around your Birfday makes it awesome and I definitely agree what dogboy commented!

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