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    Hi! I just need a little advice on what I should do. I bought myself a new Latex Adult Pacifier from PacifiersRUs, and when you suckle down on it the air coming from the pacifier is super smelly. I already followed the steps in cleaning it before using it, but would boiling the pacifier help get rid of the smell? I’m new to this sort of thing, so I wouldn’t have a clue haha.

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    I have not had that problem, but im gonna assume that would help! You should do that anyways just to make sure its clean nonetheless!

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    actually, I bought one from them too, and have that smell and taste also. I hated it at first, but accepted it and am used to it now. been a week, and it still has it. I guess it goes away over time, but I wish now that I got used to it and actually like it, it doesnt.

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    I mean, it is a pacifier that should smell that way right??? isnt that supposed to be the norm?

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    What teet did you get? I got the orthodontic silicone 5, and the bigger guard. Mine had a really strong chemical taste at first, but, I think it was just germ killer, or something, because, toothpaste made it go away, entirely. I guess you could try that, but, l think latex keeps the taste.
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    I initially started with the cherry, but after my g/f who is a pediatrician found out (and is very supportive), she insisted I use the ortho. I have both now. I use the cherry for an hour at night, then switch over to the ortho for the rest of the time.

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    Ooh, the cherry just looks Ouchy! Does it hurt, Shane? You're braver than I am. No, seriously, I mean, like, Gryffindor brave! Go you!

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    Latex does have a kind of...funky flavor. XD Usually you'll get used to it (and that kind of adorable squeak).

    As for smell...I've only had one latex paci and it didn't have a funny smell other than the smell of the latex itself. (It does have a smell because it's natural rubber.)

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