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Thread: Mixed feelings about overtime

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    Default Mixed feelings about overtime

    I will be working Saturday and Sunday this week, both completely overtime for me, that will make it the most overtime I have had in probably a good year or two.

    On the plus side, extra money which means I will be able to spend some money on my hobbies (at this time most of my extra money will end up going towards DBS TCG cards, trying to get complete sets instead of MOSTLY Complete sets (the first two sets I'm only missing a few of the higher rarity cards, the last two sets I'm missing higher rarity cards as well as holo versions of the most common cards), I will probably end up ordering as many of the cheaper cards as I can and save the few more expensive ones for another time.

    The negative though means I'm gonna be more exhausted and have less time to devote to gaming this weekend; but I have yet to run into the problem of too much money (only if I win the Powerball lottery LoL)

    I really wasn't expecting to be offered not just 1, but 2 days of Overtime and at least this means better checks and more money for hobbies before I hopefully jump ship to a better paying company (which I can get a lot of consistent overtime at, the company I currently work for rarely has overtime anymore).

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    I will probably be working over the weekend too. I missed a few days of work recently and need to make up the time; plus, the projects I'm working on have tight deadlines. :-/

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