Rules... no rules...

Ocular perception is perhaps human-kinds greatest handicap. Because we spend the majority of our day in a ready-conscious state, we are adapt at actively reacting to sensory input, the greatest being ocular or vision senses that determine distance, light levels, color, and movement. Like a mirror they only reflect back a partial environment that we can react to. So, like any of our other senses (touch, taste, hearing, smell), they are only perceptions deciphered by the conscious part of our brain. It gets more interesting when including emotion.. or self-awareness.

An interesting Hollywood take on this is in the movie Transcendence when Tagger questions the computer if it can prove it's self aware:

Dr. Tagger: "Can you prove you're self aware?"
Dr. Caster (human computer): "That's a difficult question Dr. Tagger. Can you prove that you are?"

Well, who are we kidding here right? Questions of familiarity are based on our 'own' definition of it right? We define our own reality?

Short answer: No

Our reality is really defined by our subconscious mind. It works around the clock whether we know it or acknowledge it. It indelibly defines the parameters of what makes us uncomfortable or not. We can actively process incoming thoughts through a conscious mind but largely are not masters of our emotions. For those who claim that our emotions are merely a chemical thought: they are first processed through the cortex labyrinth of the mind.

If you can remember yesterday and confirm it's/the details with another then you may have confirmation of schemata. Enjoy your delusional cocktail of 'reality'.