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Thread: Looking to move to Washington state or Oregon and would like your thoughts

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    Default Looking to move to Washington state or Oregon and would like your thoughts

    Hi all,
    I know I have not posted in a while, life has been a bumpy road of late. Anyways I am looking to move to Washington state, Oregon, or maybe Colorado and I would like your thoughts where would be best? Would like to find an active AB/DL community. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and insights.

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    First off active ab/dl community and Oregon/Washington do not go together.

    IT all depends on what you like or value.

    Oregon is nice. The main population is on the I-5 corridor with "The Peoples republic of Veraville " (PDX) being the main seat. The slogan is "keep it weird" for a reason.

    Washington is about the same it just depends where you want to live.

    If you want temperature extremes then East of the cascades in either state is your choice. That would also include farming communities, and conservatives.

    IF you want predictable weather then the west side is for you.

    If you want predictable weather and fears storms then the coast is for you.

    I hope this helps.

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    It seems to me that the Seattle area is the biggest ABDL and/or babyfur/diaperfur for the population anywhere in the US. We can be sort of cliquey, but I think it's because we have that luxury.

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    Hi, Egor and Trevor,
    Thank you both for your wonderful insights! I will keep you updated once I figure out my plans

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    Thanks I am doing my research before moving this was one area of the start of research. I am planning a trip later this summer to scout out the area. Looking at maybe the area between Portland and Grand mount, possible Vancouver or Longview Washington. Granted this is from memory of the area, Googling the area, looking a real estate, and internet speeds. Will not know for sure until I get up there to see what the towns are like.

    Also thank you all for your help!

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