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Thread: The meaning of Family

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    Default The meaning of Family

    I know everybody is entitled to to their own opinion, but to me Family is a group of people that SHOULD always be there for you and should love you for who you are.

    This being said though, people can become your family , even if they aren't related to you by blood and you may have people that you treat as good or better than actual Family, based on what Family has done for you and what your close Friends have done for you.

    And another aspect is that depending on who your Family is your connection to them can either be a good thing, or a bad thing; which admittedly can be a bit unfair because bad family members can drag the whole family down with them and then there are individuals from a Family that are probably the only good one in the whole Family.

    I dont think its particularly right that people can make assumptions about you based on who they know you are related to, but as I've said it could work both ways.

    My Family as a whole is a good Family, the only one who is an outright horrible person you would be best off avoiding would be my Oldest Brother

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    To me family means the ones who will stand by you, give support and accept you for who you are and who you likewise will accept til the day one of you dies.

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