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Thread: Panic attacks over bras and panties

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    You need to talk to a therapist to help you sort out what your feeling and reason behind why you're wearing women's clothing. Is it a sexual fetish, gender identity issue or something else. You're body won't start to need womens clothing 24/7, needs and desires come from the mind. That's why you'll need a therapist to help you sort things out. I'm MtF trans and I can assure you, that unless you develop large breasts, your body won't develop the need for a bra 24/7. Even with large breasts it's debatable.

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    Actually the best way to get over the shame and embarrassment IS to wear them in public. The panties are no big deal if you have pants on. Wear a heavy shirt over the bras until you get tired of those heavy shirts (it'll happen faster than you think) I wear double cloth nighttime diapers and LOUD plastic panties under my dresses in public, and I'm a guy..

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    I have A cup size breasts because I have been taking estrogen for many years because I like having breasts and large aureoles; because estrogen shrinks my enlarged prostate which allows me to urinate normally rather than ten times during the day and six times during the night, because I like having breasts, because I don't want to get prostate cancer, and because I like having breasts

    I wear sports bras and I have seven or eight of them.

    Nike make the best sports bras IMHO.

    I no longer have fetishes, and at sixty three I'm finally what I always was in the absence of my fetishes.

    I often miss my fetishes though

    Fetishes are fun.

    The bra and lace panties fetish


    I get the impression that most women don't get fetishes? Or am I wrong about that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinky View Post
    I get the impression that most women don't get fetishes? Or am I wrong about that?
    Some do, some don't. But I don't think ladies get as many fetishes for their own undies as guys do because we're constantly exposed to them and there's really no stigma attached for a lady wearing 'the devils' panties'. XD

    There's a story that goes with of my cousins snuck out and bought a pair of red silk panties with black lace because she saw them and thought that they were beautiful. Her mom didn't approve of 'sexy' undies for her teen aged daughters. My cousin would wear them and then would sneak and do a load of laundry to wash them and one day her mom was being helpful and took the stuff out of the dryer. She found the red panties and started screaming at my cousin. XD She told her "You can't wear these! THESE ARE THE DEVILS' PANTIES!" And ever since she told me that story every time I see a red silky/lacy pair of undies I start laughing about it. I guess the devil wears panties!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinky View Post
    I get the impression that most women don't get fetishes? Or am I wrong about that?
    Not true at all... there are tons of kinky women out there, but you don't hear from them in online world as frequently as men because most online kink forums (like this one) are dominated by men and many women just don't feel comfortable discussing kinks and fetishes in a "men's space." Also the way men express kinks and fetishes is often very different from the way women do... there's usually less voyeurism in women's kink expression, for one.

    Trans women are a little different because we lived as men for part of our lives and we "get it," to an extent. But even I feel uncomfortable here and on other ABDL forums sometimes, and I wish dearly there was a femme/women's-only space to participate in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenwen View Post
    Sorry, I probably shouldn't say that, especially here, but really, why do you guys even get these urges?.. I mean, I've never heard of any girls, who ever wanted to wear mens' things. I mean "wanted", really, as a fetish... Because otherwise I myself have quite a few things, that are sold and mens', like hoodies, shirts... But that's a bit different from you guys... I just don't get it, sorry...
    I'm sure there are lots of different reasons. For me, in high school, wearing bras and panties was an autoerotic thing. It's probably an oversimplification to put it this way, but: I wanted sex, wanted a girl in "that way," so I made myself the girl and sort of played both sides of it. It was fun, and went on for a couple of years. Pretty soon after starting college, though, I became sexually active and the bra/panty thing started fading away. The diapers didn't, though.

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