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    So I may (or may not) be getting an interview again soon with the same company that I had an interview with in the summer next year, I really want to work there directly as I would make a bit more money every week, even without overtime, and if there is overtime I could make like 3x the money I do right now.

    When I interviewed there last year I tried to do my best, but maybe I did something wrong?

    Somehow I didn't make the cut so I've been working my normal sucky job, and I feel like I need a better job because I dont want to be stuck at such a company for much longer and not have any opportunity to get a promotion or even a decent pay raise gets me pissed off.

    I mean what kinds of things can make or break your chance to get a job?

    Unfortunately I am not exactly great with words at stressful times and I feel like maybe that has hindered my ability to get jobs in the past, it's like they would rather give a job to somebody who is a smooth talker rather than someone that may not be good at words but is more serious and dependable about work? I mean why would speech matter so much when your job doesn't involve a lot of talking?

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    Been on the other side of the table numerous times.

    1) They expect candidates to be nervous, so don't worry about that.

    2) They want to see glimpses of your day to day work ethic come through in your responses to their questioning.

    3) They want to see you show not just knowledge, but thought processes too. I can tell when someone has book learnt, and when someone has learnt by experience

    4) Research the company you want to work for, and ask a question about an aspect of your research, particularly geared close to the position.

    5) I like to hear questions like "What would you like me to learn (or get up to speed) in the next week, the next month, the next three months?"

    6) It's ok if you don't know the answer to a question, but you do know where to find the answer, right?

    7) Think about questions you would expect the interview panel to ask you, and then think of your answers. You may be right, you may be wrong, but at least you're thinking about questions.

    8) Always thank the interviewer(s) at the end, shake their hand, make eye contact. Do the same when you walk into the room.

    9) Give brief history. I fall asleep when someone launches into an "I did this, then that, then this that n the other" for 15 fricken minutes.

    10) Be clear, and concise. Don't talk a million miles an hour without breath. If the interviewer(s) can't understand you, they won't hire you.

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    Number 9 is interesting and important. My daughter has had to hire two people for her group. She mentioned one woman applicant who was not going to get an offer because she spent half and hour or more, talking about herself saying, I did this and I did that, etc. It's a good point. Most companies, universities, etc. are looking for team players and people who can work well with others.

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    11) Sell yourself to them. Show them you're keen, a good worker, willing to learn new skills, and impart your own knowledge to the others in your team. Be enthusiastic.

    12) If it's just another job, forget about it - they will see this in your mannerisms, your voice, the way your sitting and interacting with them.

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