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    Today is going to be a full on little day! We are going to spend the afternoon at a nearby zoo. I've never been there before but it looks like a lot of fun. I'm soooo excited. I bet you my hubby littles out a bit too and he already suggested that we go to a little mom and pop restaurant that he went to as a kid for chicken fingers after. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    HEY! That's where I was! At a zoo all morning. :3 We went with my great-niece. I wanted to see everything, but my hip gave out on me and we ended up seeing all of North America, Polar Frontier, Heart of Africa (GIRAFFES! *woozlewiggles* AND LIONS!) and Asia Quest but by the time we got to Australia and The Congo my hip was threatening to drop me onto the pavement. So we ended up skipping that except the Kangaroos. And on the way out we did a detour through the snake house and saw many hissy frens. :3

    I got a plushie rainbow lion, a plushie giraffe and two 'smek sneks', slap bracelets that look like snakes. (Also a kaleidoscope with dinosaurs. I kind of collect them a bit. I think they're fascinating! The Bees Knees as it were. LOL)

    I hope you had a great time visiting the animals, too! I wanna hear all the fun stuffs you did today! (And if your husband gets into the little spirit, too. *giggles*)

    (Also was a 'bab day', I went padded in a Crinklz Aquanaut and carried my traveling best bunny buddy Julia through the whole zoo so she could see the animals too. She's pretty convinced that she might be related to kangaroos. I told her I didn't think so, but she wants to check. ;D I said "You're a bunny, not a bilby.")

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    I'll be going to the zoo next week! It's with a group of "muggle" friends, but since they're a silly bunch, I'll have plenty of opportunity to act Little. I loves zoos. In this one, they have little stations where you can get food for the animals that won't make them sick, so you can give them a treat without getting yelled at.

    I also wanna visit the petting zoo, but maybe the others won't want too...(I hope they will)

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    We had soooo much fun! There were all kinds of animals there like a bald eagle and bobcats and snakes ans crocodiles. It was a small zoo but all of the animals seemed really happy and used to people. There was a time when the one zoo keeper went in with the penguins and one of them jumped out of the water and just curled up next to her. I could have dried it was so cute. My favorites are the river otters (we spent about 45 minutes watching them!) and the penguins. I wanted to take them home!
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    I think the zoo is a great little activity. I love going to the aquarium also

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    We are going to the zoo this coming Saturday.

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    When I was a little kid, my parents would take me to a nearby petting zoo and it was so much fun. I'd like to go to one again. Besides, I love animals.

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