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    I think I've just crossed a line between a DL toward ABism. I've had been thinking about buying a lego brick set for months and I just pulled the trigger. Initially, I wanted to get a tie fighter set (75095), but they're always out of stock, so I got the y-wing instead (75181). I hope I like it, because I haven't played with legos since I was a kid!

    What's everyone's favorite lego set?

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    I am a lego addict, I just wish they weren't quite so expensive. My favorite set is the Simpsons house. It took me about 3 days to put together and it was missing a couple of pieces but I love it!

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    Does Legos have any Paw Patrol themed things? If so Joshie and I would love them!

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    I am big fan of legos. I usually buy the 3-in-1 sets with varying prices. One set that I wanna is the Lego city police station, but it is expensive ($100 USD). Its up there with the BB-8 set and Tie Fighter. I just have one set left to buy of the 3-in-1 collection and its the ski mountain. Already have the Gyrocoptor, a regular helicotor, a race car, a t-rex, a dragon, a red white & blue plane, the green speed car, the rescue truck, and the skate park.
    I also like to keep the sets together by putting all the pieces in separate Ziploc bags.

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    My nanny bought me the big Lego London Bus for Christmas; I'm still waiting for an opportunity to start it!

    As a kid, I played endlessly with American Plastic Bricks, made by a company called Halsam. I also had a Kenner Girder and Panel Bridge and Turnpike set. I've re-acquired both as an adult; they engage me as they did when I was a 'real' little, but they're significantly more 'advanced' than Duplo or other age-appropriate alternatives available for littles or ABs today.

    I never had Lego growing up; today, they're available at places like Target. Back in the 60s, you really had to search for them.

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    I'm an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO; that's our thing), and have been building with those little plastic breaks ever since I was old enough to pick one up. So it's almost harder to say if I've been an ABDL or LEGO fan for longer. :P

    I like to design my own models rather than collect the official sets, although the occasional one does take my fancy. Even though it can be somewhat associated with childhood, I don't really consider LEGO building to be part of my ABDL side. I never make a point of doing it while padded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MailCat581 View Post
    Does Legos have any Paw Patrol themed things? If so Joshie and I would love them!
    Lego does not, but another company called "Ionix" had some really gigantic bricks.

    They're Ionix Jr. They can be used interchangeably with the larger size Mega Blox. There are actually more sets out there of these, that's just the Tower set. I don't know if they're interesting to you or not given the size.

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    I really like the modular buildings and holiday village sets. Currently saving up to buy all of the current ones, and hopefully, buy the older, discontinued sets. Alas, discontinued Lego sets are absurdly pricey, often by as much as twice the original price.

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