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Thread: Someone Tried To Own Moo (They Failed Miserably)

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    Thanks. I found the song on YouTube. I read that sea cows have nails, but these evolved from hooves. Not relevant for this topic I guess
    My German is pretty bad, I didn't pay enough attention at school . But I do understand most of it, depending on the topic. Sea cows and children's songs I can manage.

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    Hey, don't have a cow! Moo is definitely a living person, if you can stomach that. I have personally ruminated with him in Discord in the past. He's simply bovine! We might need a nurse with a Guernsey after the shock of this revelation!!! After all, ADISC is what we are all Hereford. I know I am milking this for a it's worth, but I love to chew my cud. I hope it be-hooves you that I am so punny! By the way, how do cows type on keyboards? I always wondered that. Any way, I will be moooo-ving along now! This was an udderly a-mooooo-sing thread so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makubird View Post
    Do you ever wonder how a cow uses a keyboard with his hooves? ...
    Ummm You do realize that "COWS" is HER? BULLS are "HIM"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESPF View Post
    Ummm You do realize that "COWS" is HER? BULLS are "HIM"
    hmm, good point. I guess you can tell that I am not living on a farm.

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    I do know that, just was using 'cow' as the typical group name for them. In my area, you see a herd of cattle and they're just called 'cows', whether male or female.

    You can get more in depth:

    Cow - An adult female
    Bull - An adult male
    Heifer - An as yet unbred adult female
    Steer - A castrated male

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    Wow. I've been on this forum on and off for about six years and all this time, until today, I always thought that Moo was a girl...

    *hangs head in shame*

    Sorry Moo.

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