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Thread: I told a friend - positive follow up

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    Default I told a friend - positive follow up

    So, a couple of months ago I posted about my coming out to a close friend of mine and that everything turned out very well.!

    There have been some developments that I think are worth sharing.

    We have been talking about it a lot more and I showed her my pacifiers, bottles, diapers and clothes. She is genuinely interested. At first it felt very awkward to me and I was very ashamed to bring it up. But she keeps asking about it and it is becoming increasingly easy to tell her about it and to show things. I am still very shy though .

    It is impossible for me to fully describe the importance of someone knowing about my big secret of being ABDL. It feels so liberating that there is someone to whom I can speak freely about it. This helps me tremendously in accepting myself. It makes this whole ABDL thing feel much more normal than it has ever been.

    In my first post I wrote that, at that time, I was not interested in a romantic relationship with her. But things didn't go quite like expected. To be short, we are in a romantic relationship for two months now. We both weren't looking for a relationship but we liked each other too much . So, well, things just happened. We are both very happy with it now.

    I never ever expected having a girlfriend who would be that much accepting. That there would be a place for all this in a relationship without the need to hide things. That she would even want to see me dressed up as a little boy (which she hasn't yet because that is still a bit too difficult to me). She is not really interested in this herself but she told me that she might like to try some things, some day. For me it doesn't matter if she gets involved in this or not. I am just happy that she accepts me for who I am.

    I know that many people here would very much like to find someone like I did. I just want to say: don't give up. There are very accepting people out there and very nice things can happen. And we aren't as weird as we sometimes think we are.

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    That is a positive turn of events indeed

    As I said in the last post, congratulations, I'm happy for you, not only did you work up the courage to tell, but now you have an accepting partner and based on her response, she may even take part at some point in the future. I've been where you are at before, in the past I had one girlfriend who accepted and didn't participate and one who slowly got into the Mommy role. Either way this relationship plays out for you, it's a plus having someone who accepts this and doesn't judge. I also wish you luck should you choose to reveal this side of yourself to anyone else in the future.

    Good luck to the both of you and should any more positive developments occur, keep us in the loop.

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    Outstanding! As you say it is great when you can just talk to someone and be yourself. I hope it progresses for you.

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    Hey, congratulations on having things turn out wonderfully well. There's hope for the world yet!

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    So glad to hear this and Iím truly happy for you both!


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    Thank you all for your nice replies. (I had to look up the 'awesome sauce')

    Without adisc I would never have come this far so thank you also for the support on various other topics that I have brought up in the past months.

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