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Thread: My Encounter With The Force (True Story)

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    This post requires a lot of Star Wars knowledge.

    As a major Star Wars fan, there's this one store that I go to that has tons of Star Wars stuff, as well as stuff for other movies I like. Today, I went in there and found a lightsaber on the wall. According to the handle, the dates were 1997 and 2002, so I assume this was made for the Special Edition reissue. Due to its size and realism (two reasons I haven't purchased a Bladebuilders lightsaber), this one was really cool! It was just as big as the ones I saw when I was younger. I took it outside the store to test it out, since the store is very cramped. I started to swing it around, and it instantly turned on, lit up, and made the sound effects it should've. I was shocked, and so were the other customers watching me. When I went back in with it, the guy running the store asked me how I did it, since there was no button on this particular lightsaber. (Part of the handle has what looks like a button, but it's not real.) I told him that all I did was swing it and it worked. However, since he'd had this lightsaber, he could never get it to work, and no matter how many times he changed the batteries, extended the lightsaber, tapped the blade, or tried any other trick, it never worked. I was unfortunately short on cash, but I am planning to take another trip there soon to claim this awesome piece!

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    You may call that "Force", but I'd say the lightsaber simply liked you. I strongly believe, that things have souls and minds of their own and can choose a person just as well, as a person can choose them.

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    The wand chooses the wizard Harry... oh sorry lightsaber

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