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Thread: The Love of Plushies

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    Love of stuffed animals was the only real outlet I gave to being AB (long before I knew what that was) from childhood onward. I always loved them and I didn't "pack up" my stuffies until I got married then after my divorce 18 years later and realization of what all my quirks were actually called/meant I returned to stuffie-loverism full throttle. I have one that my Daddy gave me for valentines that I sleep with every night and a parade of them over the bed, we've also discussed putting up nets like I had as a kiddo so I can fill them with stuffers. I'd love to get to ALL my old ones and see if any have survived life in the shed out at the family farm (I doubt it but I can dream) but I did always keep my most dear ones in the house so I have my first stuffie and a few from my childhood along with the new ones. I try to mostly only play with the new ones though since my "grownup stuffies" are too fragile to cuddle much.

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    I guess you can say my plushie collection is medium. Not all my plushies are in my room. Because of space, I have the majority of my plushies in the attic boxed up.

    My favorite plushie is my brown bunny name Mr. Yum Yums. I got him when I was 4 or 5 years old. I sleep with him almost every night. Having him in my arms is very comforting; I love him so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaWolfNagihiko View Post
    They're so... irresistible! Aside from diapers, they are my favorite baby item.

    I definitely prefer plushies that are of favorite characters (like from movies or TV shows) to generic animals and the like.

    Plushies make wonderful friends who are always there for you. I sleep surrounded by them every night and they give me a feeling of security and consistency. Touching/cuddling a soft stuffed animal helps fulfill sensory needs as well.

    I wish I could carry one with me out in public to have these benefits while on the go - and to just be cute! But it would raise my parents' eyebrows and I just don't want it to be awkward.

    At the very least, I can have one around the house when it's just me and my mother; earlier this week I got to watch Moana with my mom, while having a bottle of chocolate milk and cuddling Pua (one of my new favorite plushies who's inspired this deep appreciation of them in me).
    They are certainly nice, even though I don't really think of them as AB things. They are just there, they are soft and warm and attentive... That's about it. I used to have a lot of them, when I was little (they are still somewhere around), but now I just have one, the first one I ever got, Mouse, and he's more than enough for me.

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    Plushies are special lovey friends.
    They never get tired of you.
    They never complain.
    They always listen, when other humans do not.
    They always love you.
    They always forgive you if you have been a bad boy or bad girl.
    They are true friends.

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    I, too, have a lot. My favorites are seals and ferrets. I have a giant ferret from Japan named Fel that my wife got me one year. Later, I found the same one in miniature size at Midwest FurFest being used to demonstrate the size of a belt-bag. I had to buy it from the lady and the biggest sticking point for her was that now she'd have to find something else to put in the belt bag. XD. It's now on my MFF lanyard.

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    Plushies have always been an escape for me when I was little. I decided to buy a stuffie months ago when I discovered what a little was and that's how I became a little. I reccently lost my pet who means the world to me and a day or so after I was carrying my stuffie around the house. My parents didn't care because they're ok with my stuffies and sippy cup. I think they understood I was having a hard time. But a paci has helped me sleep during this time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Same here I have a plushie of Skye from Paw Patrol because dogs are my favourite thing ever!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Same here I have a plushie of Skye from Paw Patrol because dogs are my favourite thing ever!

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    I cry at night sometimes for my toddler plushie bear. I remember it was almost as big as myself when I got it for Christmas. It was white with purple sides.

    My grandma had to see it up a few times, and dad glued an eye back up.

    I had it until I was about 16, until the day I moved away from my dad to live with my mum. I left it behind.

    Eventually, my little sister and step sister and other kids left it outside, where the dog drooled all over it, and left it to the elements.

    I found it some time later in the bin, smelling very funky.

    Today, I cry for that bear, all these years later. I miss it so much.

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    I will note, that one does not get HIV/AIDS from plushies.
    They are safe.
    No, I never, ever do anything dirty with my plushies.
    I only hug and sleep with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I will note, that one does not get HIV/AIDS from plushies.
    They are safe.
    No, I never, ever do anything dirty with my plushies.
    I only hug and sleep with them.
    Well, for that matter you're not going to pick up the Herpes from them either.

    And if you HAVE something, the plushie does not care. They are equal opportunity snugglers.

    Like Lambie from Doc McStuffins says "You need a cuddle!"

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