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    As an Autistic with Cerebral Palsy, I got hit with a scam this afternoon.
    "Snatch and Grab Thieves posing as Electrical Power Utility Employees canvassing the trailer park where I live..
    The thieves swiped $1,600.00 worth of my younger non-disabled brother's NIKON Camera Equipment out from under my nose that was in plain sight in the kitchen, 30 minutes before my younger brother arrived home.
    Called the Derry, NH Police.
    Other residents hit here in the trailer park where I live this afternoon.
    Nothing else stolen from other trailer park residents.
    My brother is not angry at me.
    We went to the Walmart and he purchased a new NIKON Camera to keep his Freelance Photography Business going.
    The thieves were targeting "electronics".
    Secondary effect is that I will have to go to the Verizon Store here in Derry, NH tomorrow and change my phone #.

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    So generally, for next time. Don't let any utility worker in unless you know they have an appointment. I am sorry you had to go through this, and sorry your brother had to spend more money. But at least it seems your brother put the blame on the right people and not you.

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    This is why I never let anyone in my house. Ever. (Unless its family/relative or someone I've directly invited over, like say if I call the cable or power or w/e people.)

    Unfortunately the world is coming to a place where you just can't trust people anymore. It really sucks but it's true. My advice to anyone is, don't let anyone in your home if you don't know them or didn't ask for them to come over if you can avoid it.

    I feel bad for the person who tries to rob me, I'd be on the news the next day, I'd be like "They should have just asked politely, I would have told them to come back with a U-Haul and loaded it myself." XD I have too much shit that's not worth anything. You could rob me, but in reality you'd probably waste more money on gas getting to my place than you would make back from the shit you tried to sell from my place. YAY FOR BEING POOR! XD

    Edit*: I'm even weary these days when police show up for things (Have had times where they've knocked in the middle of the night to say a car has gone into my fence and such like that and I hadn't heard it because it was a slow moving drunk person and I was like "Are you even real cops?" Confirmed though by the Ambulance and 3 cop cars that were there though.

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    Bastards, bottom feeding scum.

    Sorry this happened caitlinx but these mongrels have no soul.

    Here in Australia our crazy govt pays people to come around and swap lightbulbs for the new energy efficient ones of the day, if it’s one person and I can follow them we have let them in but sometimes you see a bunch of them appear with swagger and I have told them to turn around and get off my property.

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    Hey, I'm sorry too. I hope your brother had his equipment insured. All of my stuff is insured through my home insurance. All my doors are locked during the day except my kitchen door. I'm usually sitting at the kitchen table reading and drinking coffee. I also have a dog who pounces and barks, and then I have my Smith and Wesson 9 mm. I simply have learned not to trust anyone who come up to my door. Maybe it's because I grew up on the Jersey Shore and had some Mafia friends.

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    I live in a 34 foot motor home.
    And i would never let Utility company Employees in my RV because there is nothing for them to work on.
    And i am a retired construction tradesman and do electrical and plumbing and those are the only Utilities there to work on.
    The only other Utility i have is propane and i do that my self.

    To protect yourself always call the Utility company before allowing any worker if you do not have a appointment.

    i have had so called Utility company people want in houses i was working on.
    the problem is they did not have local Utility company IDs and i refused them entry.

    Always ask to see Utility company employee IDs and if they do not have one call the cops. right then.
    It may save a neighbor from getting ripped off.

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    Lol, at this point I hate anu "utility workers", next one that shows up at my door imma give them the Hank Hill Response (I'm gonna kick your Ass)

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