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    Default Rearz feeding bottle

    has any one tried this bottle. seems unusual and I wanted to give it a try. Is it adult size, is the tip soft?

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    my girlfriend got me the adult feeding bottle with the long nipple. It is intimidating at first because of its size. I had my first experience with it tonight, and after coaxing by her (she insisted in bottlefeeding me first time out), I accepted it. The first tug was hard since it has been 40+ years since I bottlefed, but after the first few minutes something took over and it was just natural. Best advice is find something you like and stick to it. Just be ready to accept that it will now be something you will do and want.

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    Unfortunately, the link you provided no longer works, but I assume the bottle you are referring to looks like the ones here:

    I own a very similar bottle with the elongated feeding nipple, mine is Winnie the Pooh themed

    They look a bit strange, but they are perfect for us Adult Babies. The nipple sits quite nicely in my mouth and it's shape, while odd, lends itself to a proper nursing motion. You don't need to work at this bottle in order to produce milk or to get a steady flow.

    The only drawback, it only holds about as much milk as a baby/toddler bottle/sippy. I've yet to find an Adult Baby bottle that holds a ton of milk and has a nipple optimized for adult use. That being said, the Adult Baby Bottles like the one at Rearz and the ones at Big Tots are as close to a scaled up baby bottle as we are going to get, they work like a charm and are much more fun and easy to nurse from than a standard baby bottle

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    I think the OP was referring to a squeeze bottle with a spoon attached, not a scaled up baby bottle.

    Rearz had these in their clearance section.

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