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Thread: Your First Time Meeting Another AB

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    I've only met one AB (of whom I was aware) and he and I shared many interests: We were both entrepreneurs, active in our community, etc. We had a good relationship based on mutual respect.

    We would sometimes share notes on babysitters; we had at least two women babysit us both but at different times.

    His wife was very unsupportive and I know he struggled a good deal with his infantilism and desire to keep his family together. I moved away many years ago and lost touch with him.

    I have corresponded with other ABs, but never met another.

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    Um, I've met 2 confirmed people (a couple) into AB/DL, and 2 people (also a couple) into CG/L but not confirmed that they're into it in a sexual way.

    I did not really have super a lot in common with the AB/DL couple, and didn't really want to spend more time with them.

    One of my friends I made earlier in the year guessed really early on that I was a little, and told me she was one too. Her boyfriend is her daddy all the time whenever they interact. All of their interactions are apparently laced with it. She was pretty cool. I don't see her that often though.

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    I haven't met anyone. But some guy who lived nearby kept messaging me about meeting up at his house so he can baby me... but I passed because he was gay, I'm straight... but really tiny and thin. Didn't want to risk it 😂😂😂

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