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    Default Overactive nerves?

    I have this problem with my nerves from time to time, it seems to be focused on my back and only when it gets really hot; I guess the easiest way to describe it would be to say it's like my nerves just start to go into hyperactivity and it's like I'm getting hit by a bunch of tiny little sparks; also it's not a common or predictable problem so it kinda just comes, and then I wait for it to pass and usually I don't have to deal with it anymore for a long time.

    Any advice or anything?

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    Try to see a neurologist. I would suggest getting an evoked potentials or nerve velocity test done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    Sounds like prickly heat.
    I think it is as I have noticed the red patches of skin that come with it when my nerves become overactive and give me a low level of pain.

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    The symptoms of prickly heat are fairly straightforward. Red bumps and itching occur in an area where sweat has been trapped underneath layers of your skin. The neck, shoulders, and chest are the most common places for prickly heat to appear. Folds of skin and places where your clothing rubs your skin are also areas where prickly heat might occur. The area of irritation might display a reaction right away, or it might take a few days to develop on your skin.

    Sometimes prickly heat will take the form of a patch of very small blisters, which is your skin reacting to the sweat that has leaked between its layers. Other times the area of your body where sweat is trapped might appear swollen or itch persistently.

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    It doesn’t sound like you are experiencing any of those symptoms although it could be fibromyalgia, lupus, or some other neurological, immunological, or dermatological condition. I would still suggest that you see a neurologist at minimum see your pcp.

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    Yeah, I wondered if it was the beginning of fibromyalgia.

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