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Thread: Will anestesia reveal my “little” side

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    Now here is the flip side. Recently my wife had to have a procedure where she was put under general anesthesia. I had to be there for the recovery and to take her home. I was actually worried that when she came out that she might say or do something silly like ask me, "do i need my diaper changed?" or try and do a diaper check! I was sure to keep her on the scent of other game!

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    i have been under a number of times, and so far i havent spilled any beans. by the way scaramouch is right. after getting your wisdom teeth out you wont be able to be understood for a while. by then your filters willbe back up.

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    I think the "talking under anesthesia" is largely a myth and even if not, it dates back to older anesthetics. The last few times I've had generals, they used propofol and frankly you go down and come out pretty damned quick.

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    Had a good talk with my friend and he promised not to videotape or make fun of me *relief*

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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchDLRotterdam View Post
    Had a good talk with my friend and he promised not to videotape or make fun of me *relief*
    of course, if your friend doesnt know about your diapers etc, he might be very curios as to what you are worried might come out.

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