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Thread: Harness Memories

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    Question Harness Memories

    How about memories from real life in regard to child harnesses. Either used while walking or as a safety measure in high chairs prams etc.
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    I've seen these and I think they're kinda cute, but I have nobody to take me for Woozle Walkies. XD

    I'm supposed to be a bigga woozle anyhow. (But I could see being mischievous and wandering off to look at things without asking, so.)

    As for RL as a kid, I never wore one. My mom always just had me hang onto her super-long hair. Kinda like a baby elephant holds it's mama's tail. Someone suggested it once and she was like "I have a kid, not a dog. And if she doesn't stay where she's supposed to, she's gonna get a spanking and taken home." (I never got the spanking for those wondering, I actually didn't WANT to wander off too far. Those mythical "Weirdos", remember? 'Stay where I can see you. There might be weirdos around.' XD)

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    I find there are people that are perfectly fine using a harness and other who vehemently oppose them. I didn't use them with my girls but I kept a paddle in the car. Misbehaving in a store or parking lot resulted in a red bottom. And yes Cuddle Woozie if you had been part of my family, I would not have hesitated if you ran off.

    But times have changed. Raising a grandson, in recent years, the paddle was out. People now would call the police if they saw me spanking a child. He was a runner and I bought a good harness and he went into it.

    One time I was at a cash register and he decided to take off. It was about ten feet to the door and ten more feet to cars going by. I yelled stop but he didn't. When he got to the end of the leash, he stopped.

    Now we have always used a harness with a high chair. I've seen a child managing to stand up in a high chair. If he jumped or slipped he would have been hurt. With a harness they will not be climbing out.

    My children have never complained as adults about the harness. So put me down as a fan of harnesses. And I have no memory of a harness as a child and my parents are gone, so who knows.

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    I wasn't a wanderer, though. My great-niece is. She kept trying to wander off by herself at four in a crowded Sam's Club. I followed her sneakily, waited until she got close to the door, then ran up behind her and grabbed her up. She was scared to death because she didn't KNOW it was me. She never goes off anymore because she finally seemed to 'get' that she was small enough that someone she didn't know could just pick her up and run away without anyone knowing it.

    I wasn't very nice for scaring the poop out of her, but she wouldn't listen any other way. :P (And yes, I got some crazy looks for it.)

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    But you gave her the cure. And sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

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    I used to have a Winnie The Pooh one for when we were out walking between the ages of 1 and 3.5 ish. I was born in 2000 so all the baby stuff had harnesses so it wasn't used in highchair or pram. I remember having a love/hate relationship with it. I wanted to run off but I liked it because it had Winnie The Pooh on it

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    My mom told me that I had harness when I was very young like 2 (?) years old so I have no memories of being in them. But anyways good tool for very young kids to prevent them from hurting themselves by running under cars etc.

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