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Thread: Is it weird to have really sharp senses?

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    Default Is it weird to have really sharp senses?

    I seem to have really strong hearing and sense of smell at times; I don't know if would say its "SuperHuman", but at times it seems like a major weakness, like anything that smells really bad to me (even if it's a popular food) like (steamed?) Broccoli and cheese can literally kill my appetite and a strong sound can be nearly debilitating; I'm also bothered by the texture of a food I'm eating if it doesn't match what it should be (like crunchy skin hot dogs).

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    I definitely know what you mean, I have the same problem. For me, it could either be a symptom or a cause for my migraines (it's a chicken and egg problem, really), and my psychologist thinks that my brain just isn't processing the signals from my nerves quite right. So, it's not really normal, but you're not the only one.

    My mum likes to say "this child may contain traces of autism", cause that kind of runs in the family and some of the symptoms match up, but I doubt that's the only explanation. There's a psychological term for it, but I only know the German name and when I translated that to English it led to a very different condition, so that probs wouldn't be overly helpful. There's also no real way to treat it, other than basically meditation and learning how to detach yourself from outside stimuli. I also find that always having sunglasses and headphones on me helps, because I can block light and sound out with that. It doesn't help with smell, but it's better already when not every one of my senses is screaming at me. I would invest in a good pair of active noise cancelling headphones because those can block sound really well without having to blast music really loudly which would be counterproductive. For smell, at least in winter you can wear a scarf that you can pull up over your nose to help block smell, in summer I'm afraid that's not really feasible, though since in summer most windows are always open I find that smells evaporate faster.

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    I'm very sound focused myself; both sensitive (I've experienced misophonia and ASMR since I was a little kid back when there weren't names for them.) I also happen to be really good at recognizing voices.

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    I still have a great sense of hearing, maybe it goes with being a musician. As a kid I had an over sensitive sense of smell which presented the same problems you are describing. Much of it diminished over the years, especially after a very bad flu episode. I sort of miss it, missing the subtle nuances of some smells of nature.

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    OMG. I do this. If I smell eggs cooking, I will just go off and gag quietly for a while. I abhor the smell of eggs. XD My mom used to try and feed them to be as a baby and she could never get me to actually eat them. She'd always end up wearing them because I'd forcibly spray them out of my mouth at her. LOL Once I got old enough to tell her why, she stopped trying to get me to eat them. (Verbatim, according to her, I said "I don't want those. They STINK.")

    I also have issues with textures of food, touching certain things and loud places. We went to a Buffalo Wild Wings once and I never wanted to go back because the music/tv's were too loud and basically freaked me out the whole time I was there. It really didn't help that they seated us right in the middle of the floor with a rowdy crowd at the bar. I wanted to sit along the wall because I felt like it would be 'safer'. But it was late and no one was working that section. :P

    I hear noises that other people can't seem to pick up. I got a dog whistle as a child and swore it was broken because I could -HEAR- it. You're not supposed to hear them, but I could, as plain as day.

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    my dear friends, that could be HSP !

    i've discovered this like 6 years ago, been reading like 4 to 5 books, and everything makes sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeronimusM View Post
    my dear friends, that could be HSP !

    i've discovered this like 6 years ago, been reading like 4 to 5 books, and everything makes sense
    A few things happen to apply to me, but I wouldn't say I have it or some form of Autism.

    I did have some sort of learning disability when I was very young, basically it used to take me longer to process information than others, but I think I have risen above it.

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    I usually have a rather acute hearing, almost able to distinguish anything any given person is saying in a talking crowd, but nothing like what you describe Scott other senses.
    I have, however, experienced hightened senses after being treated to some light hallucinogen. I don't get any hallucinations, but instead started seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling things supernaturally strongly. Like, seeing ants on a tree about fifty meters away, then coming up and they are really there; hearing insects run in the grass (can't be sure THIS was real, though no one to confirm) and so on...
    So, basically, it's something about the brain, something inside it. Not necessarily wrong, but kind of mis-calibrated.

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