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Maybe he is confused? Maybe he is not. Either way, he sounds like someone who experiences intimacy deeply and should be treasured as an individual. There are not a lot of people like that. What gets me hung up is the kissing part, sleeping next to each other can be a comfort thing for some people. He finds genitalia weird, maybe he is asexual? Trying to date girls because it is normal? It is very rare but some people are asexual naturally. They find genitalia and sex gross. Or, a past trauma - which could solve the casual close intimacy thing. You make him feel safe <3 Tell people to politely f off and that you aren't dating. Tell them if you were you would love to tell them so everyone would be quiet, but just tell them what you want - it's not their business.

Jealous you have a friend this close!

Ooops, did not see the above update.
Hey! Hahaha, it's okay!

He is very special. He's definitely not asexual, but does not like men. It's pretty clear he's straight. Which I came to peace with. He's my best friend, and he loves me in the most non-romantic way. Yeah, we do kiss each other on the cheek and snuggling through the night, but I guess that's how we roll. I don't what people think, honestly. We just have the most amazing bond ever.

He actually is not very touchy feely, but he is for me. He said it's because he knows I'm a baby inside and babies need affection, and he doesn't mind. We are very close indeed