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Thread: I am discovering my relationship to being a little is changing.

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    Default I am discovering my relationship to being a little is changing.

    For the longest time, it was very much a sexual thing for me to imagine myself as a young child being seduced into many sorts of kinky NSFW ABDL situations by a daddy/mentor/lover.

    Then several years of therapy happened (which started over reasons that were completely unrelated to this), and now I realize that what I really want is for my little space to be nonsexual. Not that I am becoming asexual, but I guess I got attached to an unhealthy fantasy when I was very young where I can get a guy's attention by putting out, and I am moving past that mindset.

    I guess I do not want any expectations when I enter little space. I just want to play my Xbox or watch some Cartoon Network when I enter that area. I enjoy my adulting life very much. I am happy with my current job and my upcoming volunteer shifts. I am happy with my social life. While I am not asexual, the more I form healthy friendships with other people, the more I realize that sex is overrated unless it's with the right person.

    But when I enter little space, adulting of any sort is the last thing I want to engage in. And healthy sexuality is a form of adulting, IMO.

    Not sure how much of this post makes sense.

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    It makes sense to me, you had a 'fantasy' at one point and now you don't want that anymore. I'd say it a form of maturing. :3 (Which is odd to say to a little! XD)

    It's like, when I was younger I got into Harry Potter. I loved the books and Snape was a favorite character of mine. The movies came around and suddenly EVERYONE was an expert. I fell out of 'love' with the series for a long long time because of the people who started fussing constantly over whether or not Snape was a bad guy or if Harry was going to be murdered horribly. I've drifted back to the fandom a bit now, but now my favorite character is Fenrir Greyback the murderous werewolf! (Snape is still cool, though, because I was proven right that he wasn't ENTIRELY a massive asshole. XD)

    I know that's not a sexual thing like yours, but I think it's along the same lines. You move on from things you liked (or thought you liked!) and that's fine. Sometimes you go back from a new angle, sometimes you never do.

    *Fist bumps for trying to sort out the things you want*

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    I feel the same way — I got into my Little side with a partly sexual side but as time went on, that went away and it became a comfort thing, a way to relax and be my authentic self. The tone I spend with my Little side is healing and relaxing, nonsexual, and safe. It's a time to be free. My mind is clear and I enjoy things more.

    It's like everything is enhanced when the pressure is removed.

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