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Thread: Best Seasons/Arcs of TV Shows and Anime

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    Default Best Seasons/Arcs of TV Shows and Anime

    So what specifically are your favorite Seasons/Arcs of TV Show/Anime?

    I put both in one topic as they are both types of entertainment that you watch and I really enjoy both (for different reasons and depending on what I feel like watching)

    For TV Shows one of my favorites is Season 2 of Bitten (which sadly got cancelled after season 3; which was decent to begin with, but I didn't like the 2nd half of season 3 and the finale), season 2 had a lot of good things going for it; I especially liked the villain and all the fighting that season had; no doubt they could have done more similar quality content if they didn't get cancelled.

    For anime I loved the whole Arrancar/Hueco Mundo Arc of bleach; pretty much any episodes of Naruto Shippuden that had the Akatsuki, and the Dressrosa Arc of One Piece (besides it's really long length, which spanned like an entire year).

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    Although I'm not very into Anime, I really liked Season 1 of Digimon, and the Myotismon arc was sick!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kik91 View Post
    Although I'm not very into Anime, I really liked Season 1 of Digimon, and the Myotismon arc was sick!!
    I loved Digimon back in the day, and I was watching Digimon Fusion, but either the channel that had it dropped it, or it got cancelled; either way it's a Far Cry from how good Digimon used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    I loved Digimon back in the day, and I was watching Digimon Fusion, but either the channel that had it dropped it, or it got cancelled; either way it's a Far Cry from how good Digimon used to be.
    I've watched all seasons. I grew up with the Mexican version, which is a faithful adaption of the Japanese version, just in spanish. Still had the japaenese insert songs and openings and everything. Then I watched the US version and I was so dissapointed. Anyway, I liked Xros Wars/Fusion. It was better than Savers (Season 5). My favorite seasons were 1 and 3 (Tamers). But honestly, all Digimon seasons have had something different I've enjoyed!

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    I've just watched an awesome anime and I think it's my favourite for now... "Drifters"
    The main character there... I wish I could meet him in person!

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    Most of the Anime shows that I watch are self-contained series, meaning they don't really flow from one story arc to the next, at 13-24 episodes, how many story arcs can you have? That being said, I have enjoyed story arcs from many shounen anime.

    I love the Dark Tournament Arc and the Chapter Black Saga in Yu Yu Hakusho, arguably some of the best story arcs in the shounen genre, they adhere to many action/supernatural anime tropes, but they feel more character focussed and they have real high stakes. Hunter X Hunter, which shares the same creator as Yu Yu Hakusho, also has it's fair share of great story arcs. In particular, I found the Chimera Ant Arc to have impeccable story telling and character development even though it was rather slowly paced. Also, as much as Bleach tends to be reviled, The Soul Society Infiltration and The Soul Society Rescue Arcs are brilliant, they are masterworks of construction, dramatic payoff and character development, right up there in terms of quality with the story arcs from Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter.

    I don't know if many of the Western Animated series that I watch or the syndicated TV shows that I watch from the US can be broken down into story arcs at all, but I found the First Season of True Detective to be riveting and tense. I also thought that the first 3 seasons and the last season of Breaking Bad was some of the best television of the late 00's and this decade. Also the golden years of The Simpsons, season 3-10 are absolutely phenomenal, the animation had charm and the writing was ace, always funny, never dull.

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    I just got done rewatching Yu-Yu-Hakusho last weekend; I have to say the Dark Tournament to me feels like the best Arc they had, Chapter Black was good too and I liked the twist at the end which saw Usuke as becoming half demon and Awakening with new power and the decision he made at the end to still embrace Humanity and go back to Keiko was a happy ending; though the Demon Tournament thing makes it feel like there could be some future of it where at some point a bad demon could win the Tournament (especially given the next one would have been held only 3 years later) and make things bad again for the main characters; not saying it will happen, but I wouldn't be against it either.

    And I loved the Hunter X Hunter Chimera Ant Arc too, definitely a show that is getting better as time progresses and I'm really hoping season 3 comes out this year.

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    There are a couple of series I can think of where each season kept on getting better and better as the show kept going on. Breaking Bad is one of them. The Wire is another.

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    I tend to either love the whole show or be dissatisfied with the whole show rather than pick a story arc or season but here goes:

    Loved season 1 of Heroes but the rest was a downhill run of disappointment, you could tell the crazy talentless Hollywood hacks infected it with their mediocrity.

    Seasons 1-3 of Buffy were good, once more with feeling surprisingly good and the evil willow stuff impressive.

    Clone Wars Mandalore arc sticks out in my mind as very enjoyable.

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