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Thread: I can't think of what diapers to buy.

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    Default I can't think of what diapers to buy.

    I need some help on what diaper I should get. I live in the U.S.A.

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    I think your main consideration is whether you can buy online or have to buy from a store.

    If online: Abena X-pluses are great, bambino if you want the babyish prints
    If in a Store: Depend Fitted Maximum Protection is going to be the best that you will likely find, and they are inferior to what you can get from the web.

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    Well... from most stores your choices are either store brand or Depends.

    Check your phone book for local "Medical Supply" shops... they may carry other brands.

    Good luck!

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    How big is your waist? That can greatly change what is available for you.

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    I recently picked up some walgreens overnight briefs, they are better than depends but not by much. They also have Velcro tapes and a clothlike construction instead of plastic like depends.

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    As far as stores go, if you're not weirded out by the idea of going to a medical supply store (perhaps with "instructions from your mother," as I did when I was younger lol), go there and see what they have. Some of them carry the "exotic" brands like Tena, Attends, or even Molicare once in a great while. Those brands are always going to better than your typical drug store varieties.

    If you just want some damn diapers and don't care, Depends overnights are bad, but if you don't know any better, they are padding for your butt. That will get you through.

    I wouldn't go with the drug store brands (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) because I've had nothing but problems and disappointments over the years (and very sparse usage) with them.

    Depends are a good starter diaper. Don't expect anything terribly babyish, comfortable, absorbent, or soft, though. It'll just be something you can wet a bit in, wear around the house, and be diapered in. Not the first choice of anyone with a choice.

    Once you get a credit or debit card, get yourself something nice. Abenas or Bambinos will be like night and day compared with what you can find around your house. Happy hunting.

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    Actually, despite what people have said, I found Walgreens to simply be the best. I can buy 40 of them for less than 20 dollars. The tapes can be done and undone and they'll never lose stickiness. They're cloth-backed (its a shame to me, but certainly helps for discreetness), and even though they can only handle a small amount of wetness, they're so cheap you can just change more often.

    The only nice thing about Depend is that they're probably the loudest diaper on the market (I don't know about the new ones though).

    Since its your first diaper, simply go buy the cheap ones. Don't worry about spending a dollar a diaper. You'll be spoiled too fast.

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