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Thread: How prepared are you for emergencies?

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    I live in an area that is extremely prone to seismic activity and bitter cold temperatures so its important for me to prepare.

    I have a basic go-bag built and an everyday carry (EDC) bag with food, water, med supplies, fire starting materials, emergency shelter, etc

    I'm the type of person that prefers to be self reliant and I know and understand that cell phone service may or may not be available when the next big earthquake hits my area.

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    I live on a property with its own well and septic. I've got a pretty big propane tank and a generator so I could go off grid for a bit. There's a safe in my closet with some cash as well as my guns.

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    I prep for camping trips with food and supplies to last a week or so. I have a generator in case I run into catastrophic weather (anything over 80 deg F) and need to run the AC while roughing it in a campground.

    I prep for the apocalypse by trying to come to terms with death. I think this is a better approach than trying to make physical accommodations for all possible scenarios. Unless I could actually enjoy making all those preparations it would seem to be a waste to spend so much time and money doing that.

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